Looking for Datepicker that display next 5 or 7 days

I tried to look for a datepicker that I can add to my html template. I want the datepicker to display next 5 days, which goes like this: 1. Today, 2. Next Day, 3. Day, 4. Day, and 5. Day. The next 5 days should be displayed under the datepicker field. The next 5 days should have arrows that let you click to go to next 5 days and so on… I actually would like to add time slots in each day but I’ll probably leave it to a developer.

An example of what it should goes like this: http://jsfiddle.net/tAr26/2/. But I wanted each day to display something like “Thursday, Sept. 20” in each day slot.

Another thing about what I envisioned is that the datepicker field should only be displayed until one pick a day, then the next 5 days will display underneath.

Which one do you recommend I pick that suit my requirements?

take a look on this page hope will helpful