Looking for customization to a theme we bought. Need multiple photos instead of default single photo

Hello. I need to hire someone who can customize the default portfolio detail page, which an example can be found here (http://dev.graydesigngroup.com/?post_type=wbc-portfolio&p=1001&preview=true) to have more than the one single photo. We want to have 4-6 smaller photos added underneath the large main photo, and we want the behavior to be the same as our current website. When you click on one of the smaller photos, it ‘replaces’ the frame of the large photo. An example page of our current website is here (http://www.graydesigngroup.com/welcome-to-gray-design/our-creativity/selected-projects/crb/?sector=Tenant%20Finish). We of course need this customization to be wordpress friendly, allowing us to setup project pages and add all of these photos easily.

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Good Luck your sales :slight_smile:


I can help you customizing this. Send me message through my profile: https://themeforest.net/user/khalilthemes