Looking for content restricted theme, specially for images.


I searched on Google and Envato but did not get much success for membership contents themes.

The basic idea

I am looking for a theme which can help me protect my images (charts/graphs) from non-members as well as from direct access to wp path and search engines bots like Google images.

More explanation

I am looking for a WP theme or even a plugin which can help me protect my images from displaying openly for free. These images would be created from Excel data and will be in the form of graphs and charts. The images would be valuable so I would not display them. I can show some sample charts (image formats) on the home page for free for people to get an idea. But 99% of the images will be hidden and would require paid membership access.

Users will buy a monthly or annual subscription to get access to the images and then they can see them or even download them.

I also want them to protected from bots and from direct access so search engines like Google images would not be able to index or show them and neither users can send the direct path of the images to anyone else or share.

When a member gets paid access he would be able to get access to all images and see them. These images can be over 5,000 in numbers. So need an efficient way to protect them.

I would appreciate if someone can suggest a better theme.


First consideration Is that you are likely to need an extended license (considerably more) for that type of site.

Beyond that:

  • this is unlikely to be something you will find ready to go out of the box.

  • hiding images from search engines is easy enough to do with WP, as is disabling right click save type activity (several good plugins for this if you Google or).

  • most of the restricted access and things you want can be done using membership plugins (CodeCanyon has several great ones)

You will still not be able to skip screenshooting images unfortunately

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Many thanks Charlie for your quick response.

What about even not showing any images at all. The whole idea is not to show any images at all. The potential customer would be able to decide on a list of topics or image titles etc on a separate page.

As images will show some numbers, info-graphs, bar charts or even text, so if someone see the image there is not need to download it or get subscribe.

So, the idea should be that images will stay somewhere on the network and when subscription is activated for the user then he would be able to see through loging in to the subscription area.


After the situation with where the mods literally destroyed all functionality of the sub by making everything pink and uploading plain pink images for everything they could, even making the titles pink), it is apparent that the redesign NEEDS a way to disable styling.
Sarkari Result Pnr Status
Custom vote icons, banner image, main menu image, post BG images/colors, etc etc. There needs to be an option to disable all of these stylings.

Sub by sub basis or all of reddit, honestly it doesnt matter. Just as long as it is implemented. Obviously dont remove stuff like main menu lists or sidebar widgets. Just coloring and BG images.

I would have thought (might need mapping out) that restricted galleries/pages/posts (access based on membership level) would work for what you want.

Again you won’t find that out of the box BUT it’s very achievable. Have a look on CodeCanyon at top selling membership plugins and gallery plugins

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What is this in reference to? It doesn’t sound like
It relates to the topic discussed here?

Hi Charlie,

Thanks again for your quick repose.

I was looking at one theme which is quite good for images. It is called ‘Pluto Clean Personal WordPress Masonry Blog Theme’. I do not think it has the functionality to make images hide etc. I sent them a message and see what they reply.

As you suggested plugins would do the job. I am not an IT guy so do not know how plugin would work and their compatibility with the themes etc. But will work out a way out.

Would you suggest any particular theme or plugin? I want to develop a brand new site for it.

I probably need to make images private but make them available for members. I think that is best define my query.


If you go down the plugin road then you probably will have a wider choice of themes (I still think you need to check with the author or support that you won’t need extended licenses).

With that all in mind, unless there is a design/example that you have seen and really like, if it were me I would concentrate attention around themes that are by established authors, with proven updates and support. There are endless themes/authors but personal favourites include theme by @tommusrhodus @greatives @ThemeMountain @fuelthemes to name just a few

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It might also be worth looking at the photography and education themes - it’s possible (esp with education/learning ones) That there is a theme with something close to what you want to do

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