Looking for Complete new website development and design


Hello All,

I am looking to see what it would cost me to have a new website designed and developed. I would like a nice responsive and easy to maintain website. I want a place where people can look up items via a search or category and then have multiple filters they can use to find what they want. I am not selling anything at the moment so I wouldn’t need a checkout system but I would like an easy way to add new items or update existing ones as needed.

That’s pretty much it; a website with a couple regular pages and then the search section/page. I don’t have too big of a budget for the project but we should be able to work something out. Hopefully it made sense but feel free to ask any questions. Below are a few examples of websites similar to what I’d like.

Websites with similar filtering features:



Websites that I like the style of:





Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

P.S. I don’t have a solid logo and branding done yet either so if that’s included it’d be nice, Thx


You can also check my portfolio from the links below:



Let me know if you’re interested in : gmail(at)moskvayigit.com