Looking for..Booking/Calender plug in



Hi there, again

I am looking for a plug in to my Wordpress site, a plug in which could handle both a calender and a booking function at the same time, and as well being able to sync with Outlook/Mail Exchange.

Furthermore…Its a specific need that the customer of my site should be able to book times during the calender/booking plug in with a consulent (a minimum of 4 consulents) of their choice, as well as they should to book their meeting any giving day, any giving time.

I would like to have just one visual calender on my site, where the customer can book their meeting with a consulent and time of their choice.
Wheter it works as a widget, element or shortcode on the site is not the dealbreaker.

The syncronisations feature is especially an important feature for the admin of the website (me and my collagues).

I’ve tried with both vCita and Booking Calender, but am not sure that they support my needs - or otherwise i am not capable of handle them correct.

Any suggestion for a plug in that could handle all my needs?
I am aware that the plug in might cost an certain amount.

Best regards