looking for best dating and job board site

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I’m somewhat new to these forums. I’m looking for the most suitable/best wordpress theme/template for my job board/compatibility site. I’d like to be able to fully customise the site to my fancy, but have it easy to do so. I’m looking for a site/layout similar to nannyservicesdotca, but again, I’d need to be able to add my own spin. Though technically a job board, I’m really interested in honing in on compatibility/characters of employers and employee. With this in mind, I’m thinking the approach of site would be a fusion of a dating and job board site.

Any assistance would be much appreciated to het me started.

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dating and job board 2 are different area. You can check these job board themes:


Thank you for your reply!

Yes indeed, job boards and dating themes are different. From my perspective, I’m looking for a site that connects employers to employees, but given the type of industry, it is important that I consider personal characteristics and values of both employer and employee. I’m really not sure which approach to take, just reaching. Is it possible for me to get a site similar to nannyservicesdotca via a job board (ie. Jobify) or would a dating theme be most suitable, given the importance of matching the best employer to best candidate, in my case?

Again, I just need to know what is most feasible for my needs (similar to nannyservicesdotca) before I purchase a theme.

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That’s sounds like you will need some fairly extensive work behind the scenes to marry up and align things?

There are numerous job and dating type themes but this does sound like more of a custom/purpose built solution will long term save you a great deal of headaches and be much closer to what you want.

nannyservicesdotca is more like a directory site https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress?term=listing#content

Have a look at this one http://aonetheme.com/preview/ - altohugh a cusotm solution is really what you need

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Thank you so much for your reply.

So is it possible to customise a directory theme to meet my needs (similar to nannyservicesdotca) or should it be custom/built solution from go? And if latter, any suggestions as to where to source a competent designer?

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Potentially but honestly based on your initial requests - using a stock theme you are going to:

  1. require custom work
  2. you will then also be left with unnecessary code and features that serve no benefit and just bloat/complicate the site

Although a custom build will cost more, long term it’s definitely the best solution. You can look for people at www.studio.envato.com

I imagine the closest thing you will find will be similar to https://servicefinder.wyzi-directory-theme.com/ but customising complex themes is definitely not a job for a beginner, and you can see what we mean about there being tons of features and subsequent code that you won’t need/want

Thanks so much charlie4282!

You’ve been much help; clarifying what I already thought in terms of outsourcing work. I’ll look at both links and take it from there.

Again, thanks so much!


My advice is to make custom site made by your specifications. You can choose some template but you cant customize template by your needs.
You can customize to some point but not to change all. And later you can have problems with plugins next version of template etc. with custom made site you will not have such problems. Yes it is cost more but you will get exactly what you want . I say to my clients if you want to earn money you need and invest money.

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Thank you Zaccc!

I’m definitely gravitating towards a custom site. I’ll just spend the next few days mapping out my needs/specifications and I’ll start researching designers.

Again, thanks so much for your help!


Hello @4Can ,

You need to write specifications as much you can in details. When I work site detail specification is half site. Because it saves time to developer he knows in details what client wants.
The worst thing is when client send me link and say I want similar site. And ofcourse you will need someone who will maintain your site. There is always some updates , changes on site etc.