Looking for audio openener like the Netflix opener

Hi guys! I am a bit lost here…I am not an audio guy and after listening for several days now to epic openers only, I still haven’t found what I am looking for.

Intro Sound Effect.
Audio opening ‘sound like’ the Netflix opener | approx lenght 0:04
Warm, deep impact, different versions.

Is this percussion??

Who can help or advise me?


try these:

Nice! …but
Looking for a different mood, I’ll certainly keep this for a another project possibly in the near future.

Any of these?

Great work!
I like ‘Logo Reveal Whoosh’ especially that twist in the middle!
This would definitly work with a TEAM MAPITO sound opener -> https://www.instagram.com/p/BqC-PT5FzmF/

The client for the moment is 4x4ZUID https://www.instagram.com/4x4zuid/
a smal car repair garage, I’m looking for a deeper sound (drums?) warm impact.
If you have sound effects matching this customer, please do not hestiate to advise me.

You know exactly what to look for. So it sounds like a typical custom order, it can be hard to find something on stock, something which is exactly the same like ident from your imagination.

Two months ago I’ve made similar Netflix-ident-a-like custom order for small company of friend of my friend for about 200$. So this is a budget which will probably satisfy many authors here.

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I have listened to your suggested logo idents
I believe it requires a deeper and more warm impact from kettledrums.
Thank you.