Looking for Artist to design App Icons


I’ve never posted on this part of the orum, so forgive me if I’m not following protocol or doing this correctly.

My name is Marlene I have a Fashion Industry based app and I would like the icons redone to look more cohesive. Right now, I have icons I’ve grabbed from various places so although they’re now color coordinated, I am limited on what I had to choose from. Here’s the majority of icons:


Also, I’ve changed the color palette of the app by adding Aqua & Yellow so I’d like the new icons to reflect that. The black & white will remain as currently used.

Blue/Gray: #7092BE
Aqua/Green: #00B490
Gold/Yellow: #FFC90E

There’s also a 3 image sliding banner that I’d like to improve on:

What’s shown is about 95% of the icons used.
Some of the icons images need to repeat by have a different color variation i.e. Seamstress/Student Seamstress/EcoSeamstress. I a, looking for soemthing very clean/modern/minimal.

Thank you.

Hi Marlene,
I am expert UX/UI designer. I am really interested to do the work.
Hope I can redone your idea and make in beautiful.
Please send me a mail
Waiting for your reply

Nice one when looking for the design app icon an iPhone its shows me an error with my iTunes that is error 4013 and i want to solution for this problem that was i am looking here.