Looking for appointment booking plugin


For a beauty salon, I’m creating a website. My client wants an appointment calendar with which:

  • customers can search for services in a dropdown of categories with treatments: category 1 eyebrows > microblading, powderbrows,… category 2: lashes > lashlift,… (So 4 categories in total which contain multiple treatments)

  • customers can select multiple services: for example: someone wants to book an appointment for her eyebrows: microblading and she wants to get waxed on her legs and face.

  • Every treatment has its own duration (waxing takes 30min, microblading 3h) so if a customer wants to book an appointment for waxing and microblading, the calendar needs to offer timeslots for 3h30min on the days possible of which the customer can choose to book

  • the calendar needs to be synced with a google calendar mentioning first the category then the kind of treatment

  • the synced calendar needs to work both ways, if the beauty salon schedules for example a long lunch break in its google calendar, no client should be able to book an appointment via the website on that timeslot

Does such a plugin exist? - And at what price?

Thanks in advance

Regards, Eline

Yes some Salon booking system are available. But think you will need to hire WordPress professional developing features more precisely.