Looking for anchor scrolling plug in

After watching some tutorials, on existing anchor plugins, I was unable to find a fixed/anchor scroll plugin that is activated by scrolling, rather than links.

A site, whose scrolling I would like to emulate: industrypdx.com

Could anyone direct me to the right search query or plugin to do the job?

Thanks, from a non-technical but motivated learner.

Gosh this is a difficult one!

So the closest I could find is this… But it is a bit dated…


Which appears to be similar when you open [the preview.] @baileyherbert help me! Any ideas?

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Thanks for the reccomendation. I am attempting to max out the parallax settings for individual “rows” via visual composer, to the same effect this jquery plugin will probably provide. See what happens.


Let me know how you go.

So much of plugin searching is “I want this effect, but I’m not sure how to articulate it!”

If you run into trouble doing this with VC, here’s an addon for it that will let you do what you’re looking for (the jQuery plugin above would require some custom coding on your part).

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