Looking for an simple bootstrap intranet theme task manager to-do theme but can’t find

I am having a difficult time finding the following.

  1. an bootstrap intranet that has a basic page full of links/ documents and tasks or to-do’s with a portion that the admin can customized the sections as well as a section for the user to customize. For example. Jane logs in… sees 10 anchor text with each leading to a form. Once the form is complete, the task 1/10 is complete. The completion time and date would be stamped. Then they would move onto the next tasks 2 through 9. Once done they would be able to drag all 10 tasks into an an online folder that can be sent into the admin.

I know this is specific and may not exist but I am looking for a theme that is along these lines that could be customized. I guess it would be a cross between a task manager, to-do list and a document center. A starting point would be greatly appreciated. Bootstrap framework would be an ideal Starting point. If anyone has envato links it would be appreciated.