Looking for an PLUGIN-options framework (not for theme)

Hey, I use Theming Options Framework for creating my theme. And I have a plan to make a plugin after my theme works will be finished. I love Theming Options Framework as it’s so simple and powerful, but it’s only for themes and not for plugins. :disappointed_relieved: So I’m seeking a similar framework but there’s no one except for Redux. Redux is great, but somewhat complicated to me in terms of its structure and I have modified it(Theming) for my theme too much, and I want to adapt the Theming Framework for my plugin as far as possible.

Is there someone who can modify it to make a plugin-option framework here?

try this .


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Thank you so much! :grinning: I found optionset framework yesterday, but yours is better then that. I’ll try it! It looks so simple, straightforward and extensible. Thanks again. :heart_decoration:

glad you find it useful. anyway its not mine. it been created by tareq hassan of wedevs.com

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