Looking for an existing template but I don't know how to find it! :)

Hi there,

I’m not an expert in this field and I’m working on a small project where I need a template that:

  • professionals can register and have their own personal page with a small description about themselves

  • customers, which are looking for a service, can register and can explain what they need (filling a form) and once done a request is automatically sent to all professionals in a certain range

  • professionals can reply and make their own offer

  • the customer can accept one of the offers and pay a small fee to the website

Does already exist any template with such features? If not, any suggestion where I can start look for something similar and change it according to need?

Thanks in advance,

Almost certainly this will require a custom build at least in areas as there are certain elements of that description that will be which are quite specific and beyond what you would find in a template.