Looking for an Envato Theme exactly like this one

Or as close as I can get.

I have an envato subscription and working on a new website, and the dev team like the look of this one

Ive had a look and cant seem to find one with the same features. Members area etc.

Do any of you guys know off my band?

I don’t have a recommendation - just curious, if you like Lambda, why not just buy a license for it? It’s only $59 (which you can add on to your client invoice) and this way you’ll also receive support from the author if you end up needing any help.

Ah i will buy it if there is nothing similar on the Envato sub. It’s a website for ourselves so before I bought it I thought I would see if there was anything on this site :slight_smile:

But… that theme is on Envato. That’s what you want, right?

oh, i see…

my membership is with Envato elements, not envato market. doesn’t seem to be the same

Ah, same company, just Elements is the subscription platform and Market is for single purchases.

Plus if you want just one theme then ThemeForest is better as you get 6 months of support and lifetime updates that doesn’t come with elements downloads

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