Looking for an eCommerce site not using ftp

I am using a WooCommerce shop theme on WordPress, (MayaShop) and always have a lot of trouble updating via ftp if I get a shop update. Is ftp compulsory for updates to shops? I cannot use ftp via my home network on either a Mac or a PC - I have checked several ‘How to’ YouTube’ videos to make sure I am using ftp correctly.

I am considering moving to another platform other than WooCommerce if it helps. I am not a tech person but am happy to learn a new platform if it will allow me to use my online site more readily - I can upload a theme/ecommerce store but not updates (is there a reason for this?).


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FTP is no a theme specific , even if you move to other theme and if your server not allow to upload it from WP (due to max_upload_size restriction or for any other reason ) than you must have to upload it via FTP . also changing theme just because of FTP is not good idea either . you should ask your hosting provider about issue ‘i can’t login to FTP’ etc and they will help you to get that sorted out :smiley: