Looking for an app that will store a collection of PDF's

Hello Community,

A buyer here. I would like to buy an app that will store pdfs ebooks. Basically this app will be preloaded with law ebooks and people will be able to read them all on the app itself. I’ve been checking some apps on the codecanyon site but it seems all of them are ebook readers instead of storing apps.

Let me know if you guys are selling or know an app that will do this.

You can upload the pdfs to scribd.com , they will store them for you and they have an Android app available for download and also an iOS app that people can use to read the pdfs

As far as I know, there is no such app on codecanyon, but who knows…maybe someone sees this thread and will create such an item :slight_smile: Cheers!

thanks for your reply. thats basically the idea. I was thinking to use a magazine/blog app but no sure yet. I sent some questions to the sellers of some ebooks app. I’ll see.