Looking for an answer: My credits are gone, no one replies the tickets in 2 days

So my customer request a theme, I log in to my account to see that my credits are gone. :frowning:
I write a ticket and no one replies in 2 days.!!
I cant believe something as simple as selling themes can be such a mess.

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They are required by law to expire credits after a year, but they send a notification prior to the expiration offering a chance to extend them.

If they only expired recently, support will be able to reinstate them. Please be patient as support can take a few days to respond depending on their current workload.


I really dont think they are required by law.
Anyway a lot of trouble will be saved if they just let the people pay for what they buy instead of forcing them to buy extra credits.
I really wonder how they became so popular with this horrible practices toward their customers.

they claim 40 million items sold and 510 million usd sales, with those numbers they should afford to have support people replying in minutes not in days

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Hey @quedao,

The legal issue with not have expiry dates for “credits” is largely related to people treating Envato like a bank, which legally we’re not.

As @baileyherbert says, if you contact support they can typically reinstate the credits if it’s only happened recently.

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Well Matthew, thank you very much for your reply.

My ticket id is 866747, can you tell me something about it?

I really dont know what people does with the credits in your store, but having every single customer credits evoparating every now and then doesnt seem like the best approach to solve any problem.


Just want to quickly add in that this is not a secret. The deposit page clearly informs you that this will happen:


I know it is frustrating when money vanishes. Please make sure your email is accurate and that you check your spam to avoid letting it expire next time. If you didn’t get a warning sent to the email on your account, that may be something to let support know too, because officially:

Four weeks before your credits are due to expire, you will receive a reminder email with the option to extend credits for an additional 6 months. If you log into your account during this period, you will see a banner displayed at the top of the screen that will also give you the option to extend your credits (if they have not yet expired).

As much as they warm you is just wrongdoing, borderline deliquency.
Envato customers have better things to do with their time than checking emails to figure out their credits life expectancy.
Forcing your customers to waste time just to keep their money where they left it is not the best marketing I can think of.
In the meantime, 3 days has passed and no one has contacted in reply to my ticket.

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I’d also add (it is nothing at all personal and only because there have been several threads like this on the same topic and others recently) - all the warning or expiry emails are utterly irrelevant…

As buyers, we all signed up and agreed to T&Cs which explains that this is how things work, and therefore knew about it even before purchasing let alone prior to any expiry emails that anyone received.