Looking for an Alternative to just about any Image Hosting site (I want to set up my own Self-Hosted Image Sharing Site/Community)

Well, I’m looking for alternatives to the present image hosting out there. I want to set up my own image hosting/sharing site. I’ve looked at a few but I’m finding they all lack in one way or another. Some of the things I’m looking to include:

  • Multiple separate Accounts possible
  • Images can be categorized and put in albums easily and tags would be a huge plus.
  • Descriptions of images possible
  • Easily Shared on Social media and embedded on Forums
  • Ads and Banners placed throughout site
  • Customizable. Easily edited templates, Pages and Menus
  • Searchable, Favorites, Likes
    And just a little note, The one I’m leaning towards is Cheverto but there are just a few things about it that I really don’t care for.
    I really like Piwigo. Unfortunately it appears Piwigo isn’t set up for multiple accounts.
    Any help would be very appreciated.

Hey there @Philbeaux

So to my eyes, this sort of thing would be pretty easy to accomplish with a template as a base and a series of plugins that grant the additional functionality that you’re after. It’s very unlikely that a template will start with everything “out of the box” but the template can be added to in order to get what you need.

If you put the added functionality you’re looking for into the CodeCanyon search bar, you’ll likely be able find plugins that suit your needs!

Matt’s suggestion gives the most flexibility otherwise check out https://themeforest.net/item/stocky-a-stock-photography-marketplace-theme/8087525


Nice recommendation @charlie4282

Yet another sign that I really should get out more and spend less time surfing the marketplaces! :wink:

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Ignore the signs :smiley:

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I do agree that would be ideal and I actually thought about that. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know where to even begin with putting something like this together. That’s why I’m inquiring about something that may already have what we need and just go from there.
Though I will say The more I look the less impressed I am with what’s available.

If the linked Theme above does not fit then this would also be pretty easy to do using Easy Digital Downloads within most themes or pre developed like https://themeforest.net/item/marketify-digital-marketplace-wordpress-theme/6570786

the thing is we aren’t selling anything. The biggest feature we want is the ability to share and embed images to a forum. Everything else would be nice to have.

You could do some kind of BuddyPress setup with profiles having their own set of images in a gallery or similar. That’s probably the closest/easiest solution to a forum with images embedded

The forum is already there. The members are already using different hosting solutions like Flickr and Imgur and PhotoBucket. But the hosting has been inconsistent and unreliable. What I’m trying to do is set up an image hosting site with my webspace that the members can use to store and share their images to the present forum. That’s the biggest requirement. I just would like to be able to offer the other things - like gallery display and comments - to make it a little bit more personal to any users.
A Wordpress install (or even another CMS) with plugins would probably work. But I might as well look to see if there is already something that would fit our needs.