Looking for an after effects template for a logo

Hello. My first post. I am looking for an after effect template that is 15-30 second long in HD / 4K that I could put my logo in and it would make it 3D and it would spin in a circle for 30 seconds but not fast and if I export it to premiere pro I can make it spin as long as I need.

Hello this is something similar. Not exactly spinning in loop but I could customize it for you if needed. Contact me via my orofile page email form.

Thank you but it seems a little busy for what I was looking for. Thank you though. Looking for something like this but a logo of my choice and be able to change the color of the extrude but its shinny.

Hi @atfpodcast, maybe this one can fit with what you looking for.

Thanks but not what I am looking for. :frowning:

You could use this search bar: https://videohive.net/category/after-effects-project-files/logo-stings?term=logo#content

Looking for it to do this.

in a seamless loop. Perhaps I am using the wrong words?