Looking for an after effects or transition video graphic for the arcade game PONG

Greetings authors,

I have a project I’m working on using retro 80’s and old 8bit snippets to develop a youtube channel. There was a pong graphic I ran across in here once during my search of products but cannot for the life of me find it again. May have been in videohive or graphic river. It was a few days ago and trying to rattle my brain for the search criteria has been rather unfruitful. Was hoping one of the authors might know who had created this originally and what category it was under so I can add it to the collection for purchasing.

Have you tried looking through your browser history on that day?

You may find it in there :smiley:

Would be the place to check but my browser auto clears upon closing. One of the few times I wish I had it set not to :frowning:

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