Looking for american rap lyrics on a song

I am looking for an american rap to sing this lyrics
The job is paid around $ 250

Here the text:
They used to never want to hear us

but now I’m laughing enough

I’m making’ a change today,

the color been takin’ the pain away

the neighborhood is the stage

I feel out of the cage

I wake up and act like

nothing’s wrong Just get ready

this is the day

we can say

Blast what you are inside

ghetto blaster

back to the style


back to the style man

Sometimes what you have in mind or what you are actually looking forward to doesn’t fit with the already available rap.

If you still couldn’t find it and have a budget for the custom scripting then i can make such American rap for you which will work absolutely fine on at any of your websites

Our budget is about 200 €…
Let me know

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hey .ok
I am willing to work.
Hire me for this job.

I’d strongly suggest looking on https://studio.envato.com/ - this way you are protected if something goes wrong and the providers are vetted by envato themselves