Looking for advice - Using Essential Graphics panel for AE templates?

Hello everyone,

I want to know;
Instead of using the “Effects Controllers” panel, if we use the “Essential Graphics” panel for controllers of an After Effects template (not Premiere pro or .mogrt), will the items be still approved?

One main reason I’m asking this is we can add “Source Text” directly to Essential Graphics, so that there will be no Text comps. Its easy to change the text from Essential Graphics.
The second main reason is, we can group controllers nicely and organize them well inside Essential Graphics. But not in Effects Controllers panel.

The only concern will be the inability to use old AE versions. Users may require at least AE 2018 or higher. But I think its not a big issue since most people are now using the latest versions.

I’ve already done Essential Graphics with .mogrt templates for Premiere Pro templates.
But I’ve never tried it with AE templates and submitted for review.

Is there anyone who tried this?

Appreciate your answers :hugs:
Have a nice day!

As long as you provide detailed help documentation showing the customer how to customize the template – which is required for all projects regardless of Essential Graphics Panel usage or not – you can certain use the Essential Graphics Panel for customization controllers. In many cases, it would actually be preferred.

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Thank you very much sir! :blush:

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