Looking for Advice on Business card

This cool looking minimalist Business card was uploaded in 2014. Does graphic river still approve this kind of business card? if I can make a bundle of this kind minimalist business cards. Thanks in Advance

No, these cards would no longer be accepted. Simplicity can be good, but there are already so many simplistic businesses cards on the marketplace, so you are expected to do something different.

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hi buddy , simplicity can be good , maybe, but why would people buy a card like this that they can redo in less than minutes?

hi indeed, there are several things to say abut this item
1- general style
this si clean for sure but the bottom line is that there is not much fantasy or identity, which seems not being in keeping with the “target” if u ask me … i guess u can expect from graphic design companies or freelancers to display some real creativity
2- limited commercial potential
if the card is clean, it can be redone very easily and quickly and i assume that in most cases, in such cases, people could think twice before buying and definitely prefer saving money as they would not really save time out of buying … not to mention that there are a few points to improve with this card …
3- contrast
u are not violating all the same and this is why this is tolerable all the same , but the bottom line is that the function is not super easy to read …
4- lack of relief
this is for a good part coming from the typo and most importantly again from the fact that information is globally relegated to a secondary role so to speak … but pls let me reming u off te fact that a card’s main purpose is to display personal information and if they are barely readable like this , this is not super useful a card that u have to offer … this looks pretty obvious to me that the size of the font character is really too small , thus having a ver negative impact on readability
5- icons
they are too flat , not popping out well and basically not bringing anything too much to the table graphic design wise as they are rather looking like photoshop presets rather than any other thing …

That’s why I said this wouldn’t be accepted now.

This isn’t a card he made, it’s a card that was accepted in 2014.

lol i think that i agreed with u , didn’t i? peace