Looking for advice and help on converting my bootstrap website into a WordPress theme


So I created a website in bootstrap and I want to convert it to wordpress. Is it as simple as just moving the css to bootstrap roots framework and adding some php to the index page?

Start here http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development

Thank you

If you have no experience of WordPress theme building then I’d advise you to build a quick bare bones theme without bootstrap first just so you can get a clue what is going on. Even if you were to play around with one of the blank themes for a couple of hours you’d find get the geography. http://speckyboy.com/2010/03/22/10-blanknaked-wordpress-themes-perfect-for-development/. Also you will probably get a lot out of http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review especially if you plan on releasing it. Keep in mind that there is nearly always a “WordPress” way of doing things and it’s not necessarily the way you know. Eg enqueing stylesheets and scripts but there are plenty more examples…

To Convert a Bootstrap 4 Template to a Wordpress Theme there is some work involved and there is no easier way to do in few clicks.

Start by using a starter theme such as Underscores.

-> Migrate your assets (js/css) from static template to the wordpress starter theme directory.

-> Start moving your page sections one by one (header, nav, page sections etc.)

-> To have more control from Wordpress dashboard, make use of plugins like Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Type UI and Contact Form 7.

For Detailed Tutorial you check out the Tutorial in this link

Convert Bootstrap Templates to Wordpress