Looking For Advertising Mobile App and website software

I would like to ask if you have advertisement app and website software.

I need it for showing travel packages. For end users no log in, just show the ads.

For advisers, they should register and log in and choose the advertisement package defined by us. The advertiser can use backend to ad their ads and then with the package period end should automatically stop their ads and can’t ad new ones until subscribe to package again. Modification of the ads should be limited depends on package defined. In the ads advertiser can put contact information and social address, so easy to contact.

Should have IP detector, so it should show the country or area ads, and user can choose another area by name to see the ads in that location.

The App and website mainly in Arabic and if with optional English language will be preferred.

This basic needs and we can discuss more if needed.

I hope my idea is clear.


As per your requirements it’s a 110% custom mobile app and web application project.

It’d be great if you please share / send detailed documentation of your project via email. Me, my team will provide you complete satisfaction.

Looking forward to our healthy discussion. Yes please share details and patch up via email as soon as possible.