LOOKING FOR - Admin/Member/Reader

Hi there.

Working on a page for a client and looking for a plugin or help with setting up different permissions, for example:

This will be a community with different companies in a city. They want to publish both public information, information for members only and information for admin only.

This means that i have to make the startpage and a few pages without permission at all, one page that are locked for people who isnt logged in and one page for admins only.

Have any idea what plugin i can use, or do i have to build something by myself?
Anyone want to help me and get paid?

Best regards,

i think you have to build plugin for this… contact me if you are looking for plugin developer…

my skype is hyvikksolutions

Yes probably build a custom plugin or customize one yourself. skype: azwarkhalid

Search as “User Management Plug-in”