Looking for a WordPress theme with a header like on Band & Olufsen site


I am trying to redevelop my business website. I really want a header just like on the B&O site:

Essentially I want a full screen revolution slider with logo top/centre and nav buttons left and right. I have managed to get the nav sorted using a plugin called BNE Flyout:


However, I cannot get the sticky header to behave exactly as I would like:

  1. The background of the header area should be transparent initially, with the logo and left/right nav links in white

  2. On scroll, the fixed header should be white background, with logo and nav links in black but in exact same positions as pre-scroll.

Is there any theme that can help me achieve this? I have tried Avada, Stockholm, Enfold, Kastell and Bridge, all with limited success.

Any advice gratefully received.

You can try with Enfold template.

Thanks Zaccc but I have already tried - Enfold is one of my “go to” themes. I just can’t get it to do what I want.

Bridge and Stockholm themes both have “Header Left from Logo” and “Header Right from Logo” widget areas, which are essential for me. The other themes do not.

Problem is that with Bridge and Stockholm, when I scroll down and the sticky header appears, the logo shoots over to the left (why would they make it like this?) and my widget areas disappear.

Seems like what I want shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. I have tried SO MANY themes!

You can see demo enfold https://kriesi.at/themes/enfold-restaurant/

It doesn’t have widget areas to the left and right of the logo. Without that I can’t get my menus where I want them.

I don’t see any purpose for 2 left right menu when you open on mobile phones. That will be real mess.

It’s what my boss wants. He really loves the B&O site and to be fair it works nicely on a mobile phone: