Looking for a wordpress theme similar to Airbnb

I am looking for a theme similar to airbnb. I need the below features in my website.

  1. Vacation home listings with multiple room types.

  2. Activity listings based on categories

  3. Booking system for both stay and activites.

  4. Map integration and near by suggestions.

  5. Design should be customisable (preferably)

Please let me know if there is any theme that does these. It

Hello :smiley:

In this thread I gave some suggestions on WordPress themes similar to AirBnB

Hope that helps!

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Hello @KingDog,

Thank you for the response. I did have a look at this thread before I posted here. They do not have multiple room types for the stays.

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Ahh gotcha.

You may need to do some custom work for that kind of feature. Envato Studio has a lot of great WordPress customization experts if you like :slight_smile: