Looking for a wordpress theme or html template similar to gallo.com

Good day i am looking for a WordPress theme or HTML template similar to this site http://www.gallo.com/

Any recommendations?

You could do his with most of the multi purpose templates and themes esp. those that use page builders and assuming you have the patience to style it all as required and with the exception of a few small styling and custom bits e.g. the tabs/timeline

Hey there @kwane

@ProgressionStudios has a couple of amazing winery themes available. Wise Mountain probably being my favourite, and fairly similar to the one you’ve listed.


Take a look at the food themes in their portfolio if you need some more inspiration](https://themeforest.net/user/progressionstudios/portfolio?utf8=✓&term=winery). :slight_smile:


This theme have the following features you need:

  1. Background video section
  2. Background image section
  3. Background parallax image section
  4. Boxed layout
  5. Scroll to button
  6. Vertical and horizontal centering of the content
  7. Bottom tab for the history