Looking for a Wordpress plugin to build a waiter calling system

I’m a big fan of using well established, versatile plugins to hack quick solutions with WordPress. GravityForm is one of those: I managed to build a bunch of solutions with it. It’s especially fun when there are already a lot of integrations and active communities.

However for my newest project I can’t really find any suitable plugin. There’s one that seems to be abandoned, but in general I’d think that the required business logic is pretty common and there should be some similar plugin I could use.

I have several locations of a restaurant. For each restaurant I want guests to be able to call service to their table via a URL they can open on their phones. The restaurant’s backend needs a simple table that gets refreshed via AJAX, showing which table needs service and how long they have been waiting for it.

Any recommendations or ideas what would be suitable for that? I was already considering some sort of Trello integration, but that seems overly complicated.

Hey @doopie88, I have the best solution for you, if we can talk then I can explain to you in a better way. My name is Chirag Panchal and I’m a tech founder of The App Ideas. Please reach me ASAP.