Looking for a WordPress plugin for member registrations in a photo club


I’m developing a site for a photo club and I need to add a registration form for new members.
This form needs to have some required fields such as name, e-mail and an upload field so new members can upload a photo of their ID card/passport for checking purposes.
After filling these fields, the users are required to pay a subscription fee via PayPal in order to finish their registration. Also, the managers of the site need to be able to send private invitations to selected users so they can register for free skipping the PayPal part.

My question is, can any of you recommend me a plugin that meets my requirements?

Thanks in advance

Functionality-wise, a decent membership plugin should be able to cope with most of it, however, one very big consideration is the security and back end process you are using -

If you are accepting copies of people IDcard/passports, then your site, forms, and more need to be bullet-proof, and candidly I would not have thought that stock or off the shelf solutions are a good or viable idea

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Depending on the country, you may need to check the legalizations to prevent issues later apart from securing the website and the content as @charlie4282 suggested

Yep, I know about the privacy/security aspects.
Change the passport photo field for a simple avatar photo.
Is there any plugin that allows to add a file upload field to the registration form?
And the rest of my requirements (paid subscription fee via PayPal, invitation codes for selected users, etc.)?

You can use Contact Form 7

So while @ki-themes is absolutely right you can technically do this using CF7 - you cannot seriously consider having people share their official ID via any free/stock/off-the-shelf plugin.