Looking for a WordPress gallery using folders on the server

Hi everybody,

I am looking for a WordPress plugin that can create galleries and populate them with files that are in specific folder on my server.

For example, NextGen can create galleries from files that are found in:


It is ok, but ideally, I would like to shorten the path to something like:


But a path like in the case of NextGen, would be also OK.

The thumbnails should link to the original files in their folders, and it should be possible to set ALT tags.
The display should be responsive: justified/masonry or tiles.

Unfortunately, most plugins rely on WP media library, and the library doesn’t support any SEO-friendly folder structure out of the box.

There are many great gallery plugins which I use, but for SEO purposes I need something like I described above.
I would like to avoid NextGen because relatively many people report issues with it.

Do you know a plugin like this, or if you’re a developer can you easily add such functionality to your gallery?

Kind regards,

I’m using a plugin called WP-Real Media Library. I’m not really sure about the SEO end it, but galleries are created straight from Folders. If you want an example I could post the URL of the site I’m using it.

I’m with you on NextGen. Awesome plugin, as long as you don’t do anything outside the norm. It’s like everytime I used it I found another reason not to like it.

Thank you very much, Philbeaux.

I know that RML integrates well with Justified Image Grid, which I like very much. But as far as I can tell, RML uses only virtual folders. They don’t exist on the server, but are a kind of internal taxonomy inside the library. Therefore, there would be no SEO benefit, because the path to the files is still: wp-content/uploads/2017/02/07 and so on.

What I want do to is to create regular folders on the server with ftp, upload images there and create galleries from these files.