Looking for a WooCommerce expert

Hello there,
I’ve got a big problem.
I have added several user roles to WordPress, no problems to now.

But I would like that some WooCommerce product catagories and whose products are only seen from a certain user role.

For example: Product A is listed on Category A in WordPress (WooCommerce) There are user roles like “customer” and "manufacturer"
The “customer” can’t buy all products which contains in Category A, but The “manufacturer” can buy all products in Category A.

It is also sufficient if the button “add to cart” is not display.

I think that is a quick work for experts to add an code on the functions.php or will be difficult?
I can pay for it for sure…

It is a big problem, I need help. Is there any plugin for it?

I found this plugin but the problem is this plugin only hide the category overview and not the product site itself. So you can call up the product via link and all can show this

Thank you very much!

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no one can help me for this issue?


I am not woocommerce expert but I can help you

Okay, it shouldn’t be a WooCommerce expert :slight_smile: Only a person who can help me :slightly_smiling:
How can you do this?


I can do it… Pls Contact me directly :slight_smile: its simple for me I think so If you contact me I can tell you what I understand

I think this plugin is the best solution to your problem. WooCommerce Restricted Category Access