looking for a website theme to show products and the products components

I am looking for a website that will enable me to do the following

Allow a log on to the site for registered users. These will be existing customers in our business.

I wish to be able to set up products in a parent to child scenario. A parent product may have multiple children parts. Ideally
the parent will show on the site as an exploded view of all its parts in a diagram. All the children will appear underneath the diagram.

The user can order the child parts - this creates and order and emails to the company. There is no requirement for credit card
or payment on the website. This will all be taking care of in the backend system.

are there websites themes that would meet my requirements ?
kind regards

You will not find this specific out of the box - to be honest, it is likely to require a fair amount of custom development, especially if the exploded element needs to be in any way dynamic and more than just a static image

If you have a sensible budget you can look for a freelancer on www.studio.envato.com but I would ask for a clear description of how they plan to do it before beginning, and evidence of their capability.