Looking for a web designer



Hi guys,

I’m looking to collaborate with a web designer on a theme, and potentially build a long-lasting partnership with them, to produce multiple HTML and WordPress products.

I’ve been a WordPress developer for over 7 years now, and work for a large agency on the outskirts of London, in the UK, as a lead WordPress & Front-end developer. I’ve built templates and themes in the past, but unfortunately I don’t possess the creative design skills needed to produce high quality PSDs.

Ideally I’d like to join forces with a designer who has PSDs ready to produce into HTML template, and a WordPress theme. It’d be preferable if the PSDs were already approved on TF, just to avoid any potential submission rejection from the design side of things. I’m happy to build a HTML version of the site prior to a full WordPress theme, or jump straight to a WordPress theme development. I use Adobe PhotoShop CC and have the full suite available. My current development setup consists of a fully spec’d MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) and a 27inch Thunderbolt Display, so they’ll be no issues with my development flow.

I have knowledge of all the big plugins used throughout themes on the marketplaces, and use a fair few of them on a daily basis, including:

  • WooCommerce (I’ve developed eCommerce themes for years)
  • Visual Composer
  • ACF
  • Redux

I’ve also built a plethora of custom Wordpress plugins over the years, for a wide variety of clients’ needs.

I’m available to start work on projects immediately, so if you’re a web designer interested in partnering up, whether it be for a single project or a longer term deal, please feel free to message me or email me at adamwmould@gmail.com.