Looking for a Web Designer partnership



Hey everyone,

I’m looking to team up with a web designer to work on a project for ThemeForest.

I’m a full stack web developer based on the outskirts of London. I work in agency as a lead Wordpress developer and have over 7 years experience developing commercial themes. So if you’re looking to team up on a HTML / WordPress theme then I’d definitely be up for it!

Alternatively, I can build bespoke JavaScript web applications using JS libraries such as ReactJS/Angular along with Node & ExpressJS. So I’m also available to work on more niche projects such as admin panels or CRM systems.

Feel free to add me on Skype (username: adamwmould) or email me adamwmould(at)gmail(dot)com



Great to hear you. We have experience in CRM.



Please look at this thread its related that you looking for:

Thank you


I’m still looking :grin: feel free to message me


Hi Adam, please check this topic.


Hi , Do you use Sketch or Photoshop ? … I’m working on a new design and I was looking for a partner to code it …

Please let me know if you’re interested .



Hello, Adam,

Still looking for a partnership?


Are you interested with any of this item https://themeforest.net/user/kalanidhithemes/portfolio?sso&_ga=1.99930519.825305158.1452742291 ? please contact me.



I want to sell some items in my list:

The price is up to $1,200 only
Send me a message to if you like one of these.