Looking for a web-designer for a project. (WordPress)

Don’t want to divulge too much information so sorry if the explanation is vague.

I’m running a company now that revolves around the use of a hashtags on social media platforms (Mainly Twitter). I’m looking to have a portion of my website developed to allow users to register by their Twitter account. It would then generate a profile for them. I guess the difficult part would be having twitter posts where they used our hashtag appear on their page and be connected to their profile automatically. We’d like to be able to implement a way to track the tags for each user who creates a profile, and assign a point system on the website for them each time the tag is used. These accrued points would auto-update for a leaderboard on the website. A few other small functions but that would be the main request to start. Apologies again if my request isn’t clear, shoot me a DM if additional detail is needed.

Paid gig, will pay up front but in increments as the functions are built out individually. Additionally, this is already an established business (1 Year Running) with over 20,000 tags in the first year, so a partnership opportunity is available.

Given that (done properly) the kind of budgets you are going to need to have in mind I would strongly advise you try www.studio.envato.com - that way you have a degree of protection which does not exist if you just find someone in the forums

Thanks for the info Charlie, I took a look at the Studio page and I’m not even sure where to start. Really new to all of this. I don’t think I have the ability to DM you but some guidance would be appreciated. Thanks again for your response.

What you want to do is not a basic job.

Amongst other technical and build considerations, ‘backdating’ historic use of a # (to an accurate level) is near on impossible, even on Twitter which is significantly more open than any other network.

You might find some budget scripts that claim to be able to do it but I promise that this is not a serious solution.

All the leader board and auto posting (dubious though it is as a practice) is achievable but still not a quick or cheap job. You are also handling a lot of personal data which presents significant hosting and security costs to consider.

Without a full brief and access to the existing site it’s impossible to give detailed feedback, but I’d strongly examine platforms like https://keyhole.co/ to see how they do it but understand that to replicate something like this, even in its most basic form, would be easily tens of thousands of $ if not more

Way to take the wind out of my sails! I guess I’ll have to re-assess my needs. Probably would be smart for me to just start with building out the Twitter login and just finding a way for me to enter the tweet to connect to the corresponding profile manually. Instead of doing it automatically.

Having social login and then populating some form of feed with tweets (sent after registration not before) from their feed would be much simpler but even that would need manually building and be thousands of $

You have to understand that the $50 themes here or $100 scripts only exist because they are sold thousands of times over making them worth significant amounts. What you want to do is very niche and would need to be custom-built (and by someone who knows what they are doing with Twitter APIs). This is not going to be resold over and over again, meaning that the upfront / one-off cost will be a lot

Again I would strongly suggest going with an agency or via a platform like envato studio where you have some form of protection - you probably could find someone in a forum somewhere who will say they can do it all for a few hundred $, but I promise you - they can’t, and handling that level of personal info - you need to be 1000000% sure you are acting responsibly



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