Looking for a way to make transitions like on ASAP Forever music video

Hi guys.

I’m looking for a way to make this kind of transitions:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNzc6hG3yN4 from 00:47.

(If you haven’t seen ASAP Rocky - ASAP Forever music video, check it out even if you’re not the fan of rap music. I think it’s inspirational.)

However as you can imagine, because I’m asking this on Envato forum I’m very far from the level of the author of that video. It’s just the first example that came into my mind. It can be simpler. I have the skill to edit those frozen frames on Photoshop, I think that being the easiest way? Would have any insight or template that would help?

Keep it up community, Envato is the best!

Torsti from Finland

It needs a lot of experience in motion tracking and vfx.You cant do it with a template.

Thanks for the reply. I know and like I said I didn’t mean that pro level. I thought maybe there’s some kind of ”zoom out toolkit” template and rest of it you’d handle with Photoshop and stuff but you must be right.