Looking for a Virtual Assistant (fun job!)


I’m looking for a Virtual Assistant with experience in the Graphic Design industry. More info here: https://www.upwork.com/job/with-experience-Graphic-Design-industry-Fun-job_~01ecc81145c2a1028e/.

You don’t have to apply via Upwork. Just contact me here if you are interested!


Here are the top 25 Virtual Assistant / Graphic Designer profiles on LinkedIn. Check Out - https://www.linkedin.com/title/virtual-assistant-%2F-graphic-designer

Hope this Helps!


Thanks, nice find!


I have a nice team. I am expert developer and my partner is an expert designer. We have a lot of approved html templates and psd templates in themeforest and have a very good sale. you can hire me for this kind of work. waiting to talk with you about this by skype: aftabzaman1 or you can discuss with me by mail: zamanaftab004@gmail.com