Looking for a theme with squares/boxes

It really isn’t the best theme my client showed me but my client wants something like this:

He really likes the boxed menu and the boxes down below.
Now i’m having a hard time finding anything similar, most of the wordpress themes these days are so modern/minimalistic (which I like personally) that I can’t find em.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a theme that would resemble this?
Much thanks in advance!

try this -> https://goo.gl/XvgGUh thanks

Unfortunately the theme is outdated, also when you look at the theme demo you can see the logo is taking twice its space now. And it doesn’t look like the author will update it again. Thanks for the suggestion though, how did you find it what keyword did you use?

It works fine on any WordPress versions… actually I am the developer of that theme :slight_smile: try looking on the most popular themes also -> https://themeforest.net/popular_item/by_category?category=wordpress


My personal idea, you wouldn’t be able to find any similar theme here, because of the design but If you’re looking for someone who’s able to perform the changed manually (customization) you can contact me anytime!