LOOKING for a theme with many demos that can be used separately across different domains

Hi there
Im not sure if this is about, but im looking for a theme i can download and it has 30+ etc demo sites setup on it. Which i can use different demos across different domains. This possible?

As one i did buy which had this, once i used it once, and used 1 demo site and content I couldn’t use it again


There is no such a theme - because you are not allowed to do that. One license is for one website - no matter who much demos theme has.

So, for each new domain, you must buy a new license.

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Ah thank you - at least i know - thought i was going mad

So why release a theme with 60+ demos? When the customer can only use 1

There are agencies/teams which have a lot of customers (100-1000 customers/websites) and they are using only couple of themes for all that (maybe 1 or 2 themes with 50+ demos). They are super familiar with those themes and on that way they can easy/fast set any demo content or change any part there So, in that case, you don’t need to experiment with other themes - you just need to buy another copy of the same theme and all is there.

This makes sense, thank you

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Does that mean that the spreadsheet only works once? worse, could you tell us if when buying that form it has an expiration time or is it forever?