Looking for a theme who fulfill these criteria

I want to build a blog but it will include 4-5 feature pages above blog posts space , it will also include one page for forums and one page for a ministore(gonna sell one ebook) , i want the background image to fill the whole screen and the top plus bottom to be fully customizable , here is what i want:

  1. A standar menu (i prefer it under the header image)

  2. A title/logo spot who is fully customizable including colours

  3. A header image

  4. A background Full Page image

  5. a 4-5 feature page area under the menu (i dont like circles like the black rider theme, id rather have squares) , feature pages are VERY important part for me , i want them to redirect to a link of my liking and i want them to be kinda big , i want the images on them to look decent.

  6. A blog post space under the features pages exactly like the black rider theme , i would like the posts to be next to each other instead of under each other.

  7. I want the theme to be fully customizable from menu and not need to use any code to fix its elements.

  8. I dont want to have any sliders or at least if i do i want to be able to deactivate them

  9. I dont want to give more than 16$ for the theme , i would like it a lot if i can do all this for free.

  10. I want to be able to test it before i buy it and get a full idea about the product im getting

I have searched about themes on this site on the price range i want but i dont know how to test them or if they really have the options i want.

Can anyone suggest me something?

Almost certainly that level of precise layout and functionality is going to require some degree of custom work even from a theme with page builders.

There is no obligation for authors to provide test access to themes (although some do). You could try asking the author of any theme you are interested in to set it up but it will still be uncommon.

The big issue you have is the $16 request. That’s less than the regular cost of most HTML templates let alone WP with custom layouts, forums and commerce, and because envato a fees would absorb over 80% of that leaving the author with about $3.

I can add the pages with the forums and minishop but yes the rest are very important for me. Its kinda strange that you mention testing a theme is uncommon , i mean how are we supposed to know if the theme we buy is good for us? a minidemo would be nice at least. I guess i have to contact the sellers then.