Looking for a theme to list people!

Hi there!

I am looking for a theme which would be a “directory” of people, ideally you would have a home page like this one http://premium.wpmudev.org/projects/category/plugins/ with a big search box who allows you to browse thru categories of people (students, professors, etc), with under the box suggestions of categories and examples of people, tags…

Once you press “search” you would arrive on a page like this one for example http://organicthemes.com/demo/collective/our-team/

I have been considering all the “Meet the team” plugin and themes I could found escpecially from codecanyon or all the “Directory theme” but they aren’t really the way I would, same for all the “Community or Buddypress” theme.

I have even considered this type of them like product hunt : www-pluginhunt-com but I’m not sure about it.

If someone has a idea please help me!

Thank you in advcance!