Looking for a Theme that is the most closest to this. Please Help

Looking for something similar. especially the layout menu and the slide show(with the boxes).

Tried searching but I feel like I am on a wild goose chase.

So thought of posting if anyone has seen something like this and remember it.
Thanks a lot

P.S. this is a custom theme built on the Sage framework and uses Visual Composer.

I don’t see any problem to build this with some other template. It s not something special design and functions.
Of course you will not find out of box solution , but I can make such site with this design.

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Hi @creeem

Alternatively you may be interested in some help provided by freelancers from Envato Studio

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Thanks for the reply. This is a custom design I am not looking for the exact same design as the final design will not be exactly the same. That would be a rip-off. The layout and boxes and the flow of the website match the content so were looking something similar.
The only reason I use a template it when I don’t want to start from a scratch. For now, I think @AlekseyZhdanov recommendation is a great fit. Would want to look for other options though. So waiting and searching.

Thanks a lot!, That looks perfect. Appreciate it a lot