Looking for a theme similar to fitness tracker/dating site


Hope someone is able to point me in the right direction. I’m a newbie and not sure exactly what theme will give me the capabilities that I’m after.

Looking for a theme that will provide me with the capabilities of a dating website (in terms of profiles, members searches, messaging and pictures) with a fitness tracking site (with regards to following members, tracking various progress factors (levels), logging charting and reporting information, premium upgrades and location service).

The majority of interaction on the site would be between members and the website administrators would only be involved from a support/admin type role. Similar to what you have on a dating website (searching, profile views, messaging).

Hope that makes sense!

As far as I understand, you can purchase some of the “dating” themes and could perform the changes with or without some modifications.

In case of you’re interested in for custom job, feel free to contact me:

We have a fitness theme that you can booking ticket: