Looking for a theme or plugin that allows customers to crop images before purchase

We have a customer who wants to sell large prints. They want the customer to be able to select the paper type (this is where the cost per square feet comes in), and then the dimensions, to calculate cost.

The issue is, they they want the customer to be able to ‘crop’ the image they see as the “product photo”, to ‘shape’ the image before buying.

So they can buy the wallpaper that produces this huge print, in say, 10m x 8m, but crop out the ‘tree’ on the right of the image.

I don’t know what such a plugin would be, or if it is even possibly with Woocommerce and Wordpress.

But this is a Wordpress Only request. Thanks.

Hello ,

That is possible but it is custom made solution. There is no options out of box. I dont know what is your deadline for such job.
Honestly I don’t see why they want that option.


Hi 79design

Sure this is a ‘custom’ job and why can it NOT be done with WP/Woo I see no reason why

I have created something ‘similar’ (OK not for WP/Woo but a standard system) for a client’s CMS. Upload, zoom, move, crop and upload etc. So it can be done. To turn into a WP plugin should not be that difficult would just need the ‘right’ thought process and ability to upload to a specific folder so that the ‘backend’ can link to a customer. That’s the ‘hardest part’ i.e. ensuring that any plugin actually ties an upload to a client/client account. But even that should not be ‘that’ difficult.

My only concern is you say ’ that produces this huge print, in say, 10m x 8m’ uploading/creating cropped images on the web is only going to give you ‘smaller images’ which may (almost certainly) not have the right resolutions etc for ‘good quality printing’ e.g. When I print/design print (not often) I work at 300dpi and in CMYK. so images are often large, admit for ‘large format’ can work at 100dpi but even so the cropped image size would be small so your client would also need the ability to enlarge without the loss of resolution - that’s all.

As said the ‘hardest party is the actual thought process’ getting all the data in the right place :slight_smile: The uploading/cropping etc is relatively easy.

Shout if you want any help.

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Hi thanks for the reply.
The customer has now decided that this crop option is a no go. Too much hard work and probably costly.

So plan B is to just have the customer purchase like this:

Finds product.
Selects Material (self peel page, premium paper…).
This material is where the cost per square metre is configured my us.

Below that is the Height and Width in Metres. In theory we have to add in there each length and width, as some might vary. But would be good if it was unlimited length.

Customer selects, for example: 10m W, 3m H.

Cost below is calculated.

Is there a plugin that will do this. Sounds very straight forward, so hope there is.
Thanks from the UK. :slight_smile:

Have you tested to see if you can simply use a standard WooCommerce variable product, with variations for the material and size? Or if you want to get fancy you could add-on a plugin like Improved WooCommerce Attributes to add visual cues for the variations. Just an idea :slight_smile:

You will still need some custom code to make that.