Looking for a Theme from way back

I am looking for a theme that I found one here about 3 or 4 years ago. The theme was similar to a one page template, however it scrolled left to right and the menu topic then scrolled up and down

Menu -> About (this would move from the home page to the about page by sliding to page to the right.
About Page (Once on the topic page the page would scroll up and down to read).

At the time I found it to be very unusual and I should have purchased it at the time. Now I have a project that this would be a very good fit.

If anyone knows or has an idea of what the theme was please let me know.

Sounds like “Cascade” by quanticalabs? https://themeforest.net/item/cascade-personal-vcard-wordpress-theme/1763945?

Thanks but that not it, its more of a full screen slider. I recall that the opening slide was a weathered old man with a fedora and heavy style scarf and the scene behind him was a “cold” looking landscape.

I found the image from above here - https://motaen.com/wallpapers/get/id/36137/resolution/1600x1200

hmmm, yes that pic looks familiar. Well good luck, I’m sure someone will recognize it.