Looking for a theme for users to post image, and we control hotlink abilities

We are looking to create a website where customers can create a free account. Then we assign them a full account to be able to upload photos. ie. we ‘accept’ their creation.

Then they can upload photos, and are given URLs to be able to use their photos on other websites like ebay etc.

If their subscription expires (that we can control externally), we need to be able to disable their account so the images being hosted, won’t show on the external sites.

I can do this in PHP in a custom site, but is there a theme that can do it?

Not out of the box and ready functioning like that.

Also depending on the exact end product and model it sounds like you would need an extended license for that site (assuming you are not planning on offering the service entirely free!)

If we could do it thru WC it would be great, but the plan is to enable and disable their images from working manually, and using an external subscription service (we already have) for the payments.