looking for a theme for customers to book time slots defined by personal shoppers and image consultants


I am looking for a wordpress theme with main functionalities

  • personal shoppers and image consultants can create an account with basic details (name, age, location, description of what they do, pictures, photos of their work, choose time slots of their availabilities) and manage their accounts.
  • customers looking for a personal shopper or image consultant can browse through the different profiles (but cannot see details such as email or phone number) and book a time slot and make payment.

it would be a kind of upwork site but customers would not only book a consultant but timeslots should be available too.

anyone has an idea of a type of theme that could work for this business model?

thank you

You can probably put something together usImg multi vendor and appointment booking even (maybe) using woocomerce like https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-frontend-manager/

That said you won’t find it straight out the box and this is likely to need quite a bit of custom work.

thank you, I’ll try that out.

Hello @lomichel ,

If you have some budget you can contact me and I can give you my offer. You will not find ot of box solution . You will need to have custom work. It will always something missing if you buy some plugin.
It will not be by your needs.