Looking for a theme for a business listing

I just purchased Listingpro about 2 weeks ago, but it is not what I need. I need a theme that is like Listingpro but fully customizable. I need something that is a mix of listingpro and the https://www.homeadvisor.com website. Also a way for the businesses that list on my website to show reviews from all over the internet, post job profile with images of the jobs. I know I can customizable any theme with plugins to do this put the cost. unfortunately, Listingpro is not fully customizable at all outside of the way it is set up. Thank for your time, Stan

Hello Stan,

You cant put plugin and customize site. That is not customization just increase some function and you cant put any plugin than plugin which is compatible with that template.
It all depends what you want to change ad etc. In some cases is better to make site from scratch than to change template code.